(In-)Frequently Asked Questions

What's the story behind the name Cobalt Duck?
Cobalt is an interesting element and a pleasant color. Duck is an old college nickname of mine. Plus, my actual name was already taken as a domain, by an 'underground R&B' band. Check out wadelove.com, they're not bad.
Who are you?
I am just another software developer who wanted a place on the web to experiment, show off, and make use of.


cobaltduck.info and all its subordinate sites are composed using the Atom text editor. As of February 2017, all pages use HTML5 and CSS3, and where possible, images are SVG. Any scripting features, inclding some jQuery and some plain JavaScript, are also generally composed on Notepad++. Other tools utilized ad-hoc have included Eclipse, Flash Develop, and in-browser developer tools.

The WAVE plug-in is used to improve accessibility of the sites. Howver, I do not claim any level of WCAG compliance except on the Sailboat Whachamacallit Flowchart, which follows WCAG 2.1.

In the past, I have previewed all pages in as many browsers as I could. Age and experience have reduced this to just the lastest versions of Firefox and Chrome. If you are viewing these pages on IE, Edge, Opera, Safari, or something else and some feature looks weird to you, well, you are getting what you deserve.

The Cobalt Duck formerly used Tomcat Hosting from JavaPipe. As of 2019, it was switched to LAMP hosting from the same company.

I maintain a GIT repository for this site on BitBucket, however the repo for cobaltduck.info is private. Other projects are publicly viewable at my BitBucket Profile.

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