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Heraldry and Vexillology

National Symbolism from around the Zoasfier

Many of the peoples and nations of the Zoasfier have adopted seals, flags, and coats of arms. Some of them are quite beutiful and embody a great deal of symbolic meaning.


Arms of the People of the Kingdom of Nivalla Arms of the King (or Queen) of Nivalla

In The Kingdom of Nivalla, the people and the royalty are indicated by separate symbols. In both cases, the arms contain an estucheon azure with three waves argent running diagonally. The people's arms add three cinquefoils below the waves, and three stars above Or. The whole is compartmented on oak branches and supported by pterosaurs, all proper. The arms of the people is crested by a helm with a torse azure doubled Or, whereas the royal arms are crested by the coronet of the King or Queen of Nivalla.

Flag of the People of the Kingdom of Nivalla Flag of the King (or Queen) of Nivalla

The arms have companions in the form of flags or standards, each being the equivalent of the estucheon of the arms. The people's flag is flown over schools, businesses, governement offices, and even individual homes. It is also used as the standard of the army and the ensign of merchant and naval vessels. The royal standard flies from any dwelling when occupied by the king or queen, and from any vehicle conveying the king or queen. A miniature royal standard is sewn on the shoulders of the uniforms of the king's or queen's own guards.

The blue feild represents the land of Nivalla itself, and the white waves the Plytha River which sustains that land. When used for the people, the additional elements represent the people themselves- the stars are their spirit, loyalty, and pride, and the flowers their stregth, industry, and creativity.


Official Seal of the Soveriegnty of Wyndelm Flag of Wyndelm

The elves of the Soveriegnty of Wyndelm have taken very simple point of view toward national insignia, generally only using such things when required to indentify themselves around humans. The official seal bears the silhouette of an elm tree encircled by a braided cord. The words "Soveriegnty of Wyndelm" appear above and below the tree. The flag is square, having the same outline of an elm tree in green on a field of white.


Arms of the Kingdom of Sindraland Arms of the King of Sindraland

The Kingdom of Sindraland also has two variant achievements of arms. In this case, the primary variant represents the entire kingdom, and the other the king's own person. Both have as the estecheon a sheild sanguine with a striped wolf's head, couped, proper. The arms of the kingdom have a mantling of sanguine doubled argent with a crest of a bow and arrow. The king's own arms carry a royal mantle sanguine doubled ermine, topped by his crown.

Basic flag of Sindraland

Sindraland also took a unique perspective on its flags, adopting a slightly different design depending on who was using the flag. A basic flag containing a striped wolf's head on a blood-red background may be used by anyone.

Official flag of Sindraland Royal Standard of Sindraland Sindraland Army Standard Sindraland Naval Ensign

Government Ministers and others conducting official business add a silver border around the basic flag. The king himself or those acting directly on behalf of the king add a gold border. Military units move this primary image to the upper hoist-side corner, leaving the rest of the flag white. Army units add a pair of crossed swords at the fly, naval units and vessels add an anchor.


Flag of Thanus

The Thanusian Free Republic chose only a single all-purpose national insignia. The lower two-thirds of the flag is purple with a white outline of a fully-rigged sailing ship. The upper third is white with three fire ducks in flight, gray with red heads. The ship sails toward the hoist, the ducks fly toward the fly.

The Archipelago

Basic flag of the Archipelago

Being made up of several semi-independent islands, The United Confederacy of the Central Archipelago decided to create a common standard design that individual islands could embellish as they wished. The flags consist of red, gray, and green segments in diagonal stripes. Each island adds a black symbol on the center gray stripe. Designs vary greatly.

sample flag of an Archipelago island sample flag of an Archipelago island sample flag of an Archipelago island sample flag of an Archipelago island sample flag of an Archipelago island
sample flag of an Archipelago island sample flag of an Archipelago island sample flag of an Archipelago island sample flag of an Archipelago island sample flag of an Archipelago island


sample coat of arms sample coat of arms sample coat of arms

I'm playing around with a few other designs of arms and flags that I find interesting. These may or may not be used for other nations on the Zoasfier, or possibly for individual characters.