ScouterDuck's Geocoin and Tag Collection

Whether you happend upon this or were invited, feel free to discover each and every item listed- discover only, please. I have done my best to ensure accuracy, but if you find anything incorrect here, please contact ScouterDuck via the Geocaching message center, and I will do my best to fix it quickly. Thanks for stopping by.

IconNameID NumberTracking NumberLink
coin iconTeam NABTBYFT4PCPK10
coin iconMIGO - Michgan Geocaching OrganizationTBNNTMMI4QAZ
coin iconGeocacher UniversityTBXDPAGUDJEC
coin iconWhite GEOTB16DB6PC6BFH
coin iconBlack GEOTB16E1PPCR2HN
coin iconFTF First To FindTB17FEZFFJBMA
coin iconSuper CacherTB16NZ4SCBTTJ
coin iconWorld TravelTB13J5AWTEX8R
coin iconMagic GeocoinTB1B51XPC7YNG
coin iconCoast GuardTB1AWJVMT1X5E
coin icon250th Find AcheivementTBVZ7AACJ0N5
coin iconGeocaching SquadTB1DZ5PPCC41C
coin iconCacher On BoardTB1G5NEPCDDKP
coin iconMasters of SpaceTB1VFXPCMTEM
coin icon2007 CitoTB1J8MMC76RPG
coin iconUnknown SoldierTB1T5VVMGW4E2
coin iconCrikey (Steve Irwin Tribute)TB1MB0GCPJR01
coin iconOrginal StashTB1KDC0OSMQVB
coin iconCompass Rose 2007TB1JTKACRCTB0
coin iconGeoElementTB1V6V8OCE0GZ
coin iconArmyTB2FF0TMTGB06
coin iconMVG (Miami Valley Geocachers) FredTB1WE79PCWQZW
coin icon2017 Total Solar EclipseTB8H12JGSA1YE
coin iconMars Perseverence Rover Calibration TargetTB9YCMBMAHZA4
coin iconSalute Your Troops - Coast Guard TagTB7MGNFCBWGJZ
coin iconSalute Your Troops - Navy TagTB830XZCB0V86
coin iconSea Secret TBA96GKGS6XDQ
coin iconMay the 4th Be With You - Cache SaberTB7DJFRGSJ476
coin iconGeoCookieTB7KNDJGSC9H2
coin icon2's Day World Wide Group ProjectTBA6THH22R7AF

In addition, I am holding in my collection the following coins and tags owned by by father, Grizzly Bear 1, who passed away February 2022.

IconNameID NumberTracking NumberLink
coin iconNavyTB1AXWQMT5Y14
coin icon2017 Solar EclipseTB8H17WGSWW6N
coin iconSalute Your Troops - Navy TagTB830ZACBVQ0Z
coin iconSalute Your Troops - Coast Guard TagTB830Q2CBZYTF