Welcome to the Zoasfier

What is the Zoasfier?

The Zoasfier is a planet far away from here. It is a world of my own design, and the setting for some fanatasy stories I am attempting to write. Through this site, I am organizing some of the background material I have developed, partly as an aide to myself while outlining and drafting the stories. As such, everything here should be regarded as a work in progress, as merely author's notes, subject to change upon my own whim.

The word Zoasfier I derived from Greek, zoa- (ζωη) meaning life, living thing and sfaira (σφαιρα) meaning sphere, ball. In other words, the planet is called the Life Ball. Pronounce the name as zoh-US-fear.

The Zoasfier is remarkably similar to the Earth. Its star is virtually a twin to our sun, and the Zoasfier's size, orbit, rotation, and inclination are within a percent or two of Earth's. It has continents and oceans, plants and animals, people and places, cultures and beliefs, many of which would be recognized on Earth, some of which would not.

As of the time of the tales I have in mind, most of the Zoasfier is on the cusp of both its industrial revolution and age of discovery, almost simultaneously. Constitutional monarchies still prevail, at least among human nations, but experiments in democracy have begun. Multiple sentient species have developed, and yes, there is magic in this world.

The Zoasfier owes its concept to many others. I have enjoyed tales from Alagaesia, Middle Earth, the Cosmere, Discworld, Earthsea, a Galaxy Far, Far Away, and more. I also actively ask and answer and read the fascinating ideas on World Building Stack Exchange. I have taken small inspiration here and there, and added several touches from my own imagination. I only hope the stories I generate will have the same fascination and wonder for my readers.

To learn more, explore these facets of the Zoasfier:

Note: This entire site is under construction during January 2017. It is nearing completion, but if something is wonky, just check back later.