Wade J. Love

Programming Projects


At Vertafore

Title/Description Compliance Reporting and Tracking
My Role Web-Services Developer
Dates December 2017 to present
Environment Windows 10, IntelliJ IDEA, DataStax Studio, Kibana
Technologies Java, Spring Boot, Maven, Cassandra
Methodology SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)
Details To maintain the legal right to sell insurance and/or investment securities, persons must remain compliant with various state laws and industry regulations, including continuing education, exams, and licensing. Some must also disclose various outside activities to avoid potential conflicts of interest. This application assists individuals and their employers with recording and tracking compliance and reporting to the relevant regulatory authorities.

As a Learning Excercise / Showcase of Talents

Title/Description Marine Service Scheduler
My Role Designer and Developer
Dates August 2017 to present
Environment Windows 10, Eclipse Mars, Notepad++, Tomcat 8
Technologies Maven 4, Spring 4.3 (including DI, AOP, WebMVC, and Security), Hibernate 5.2, MySql 5.7, AngularJS 1.6 (including route), HTML5, W3.CSS, log4j, jUnit, SVG
Details A simulated appointment scheduling application for a fictional marine (i.e. boat) repair and maintenance shop. I am creating this partly to aid myself in learning or solidifying my knowledge, and to gain experience in the practical use of in-demand tools and frameworks, especially Maven, Spring, Hibernate, and AngularJS. The web page allows customers of the shop to select a type of service required for a vessel, such as an engine tune up or gel-coat application, then select an available time and day for bringing the vessel in for that service. Technicians, that is employees of the shop, can log in to view their upcoming scheduled appointments, and can aid customers who arrive in person or phone in to set new appointments. Management can do these things, as well as maintain the list of available services, add and remove technicians, and associate technicians with the services they are trained and certified to perform. As I intend this to ultimately be a showcase of my work, I invite you to explore the project's Bitbucket repository.

At Tata Consultancy Services (Note: Client names and exact project titles are not listed as some are covered by NDA or similar restrictions.)

Title/Description Customer Portal
Company Type Secondary Mortgage Provider
My Role Developer, Flex user interface (some Java for making WebService calls)
Dates July 2009 to April 2010
Environment Windows XP, Flex Builder 3, Eclipse Galileo, Tomcat 6, VSS
Technologies Flex 3, BlazeDS, Java 6, Apache ServiceMix
Methodology Waterfall
Details An enterprise-level banking services system, migrating a legacy dial-in system with a text interface, to a web-based application with graphical interface. Functions were provided for both one-item-at-a-time entry and retrieval, as well as bulk import and export of text files to and from the user's file system.

Title/Description COSMIC, The Central Online System for Management of International Collaboration.
Company Type The University of Cincinnati
My Role Developer, Front-end (JSF and CSS) and business rules (Java beans and service classes)
Dates April 2010 to July 2010
Environment Windows XP, Eclipse Galileo, MySQL Workbench, Tomcat 6, Tortoise SVN
Technologies JSF (MyFaces) 1.2, Java 6, iBatis, MySQL 5
Methodology Iterative
Details A pro-bono effort for the University to create a web-based application to aid the school in tracking its overseas efforts and affiliations. The completed product was to be released open-source for adoption by other institutions. I was able to be a part of this project from start-up, participating in requirements and design documentation. Regrettably, University of Cincinnati decided not to pursue the project after the first development iteration.

Title/Description Open Network/ Thin Client.
Company Type Biometric Technology Company
My Role Architecture workshop participant, proof-of-concept developer
Dates June 2010
Environment Windows XP, Eclipse Galileo, Tomcat 6
Technologies JSF, Java
Methodology N/A
Details While working on COSMIC, I also assisted with planning and POCs for a proposed project. This system would allow persons who need to have certain biometric data recorded, such as fingerprints or retina scans, for employment purposes, to register for an appointment, then execute the scan with a representative at a mobile kiosk. Although TCS did develop this, I was not assigned to the full-scale project.

Title/Description Customer Portal, performance tuning
Company Type Secondary Mortgage Provider
My Role Re-factor and maintain pre-existing WSDL files and generated Java stub classes
Dates July 2010 to October 2010
Environment Windows XP, Eclipse Helios, WebLogic 11, VSS
Technologies WSDL, wsdl4java, TIBCO
Methodology Waterfall
Details Returning to the first project listed, an intermediate version was created that upgraded the ESB from Apache ServiceMix to TIBCO. While I did not work on the TIBCO end of the project, there were simultaneous fine-tunings made to the associated WSDL files and Java stubs, to simplify the model and improve performance.

Title/Description Customer Portal, UI migration
Company Type Secondary Mortgage Provider
My Role Developer and Module Lead, JSF
Dates October 2010 to March 2011
Environment Windows XP, Eclipse Helios, WebLogic 11, Tortoise GIT
Technologies JSF 1.0 with Tomahawk, Java 6
Methodology Waterfall
Details Continuing with the first project listed, The Flex UI from the initial release was replaced with a JSF UI. Likewise, validation and other business rules that had been contained in ActionScript classes were moved to JSF Managed Beans or other Java utility classes.

Title/Description Portlet Proof-of-Concept
Company Type Secondary Mortgage Provider
My Role Sole Developer
Dates March 2011 to June 2011
Environment Windows XP, Eclipse Helios, JBoss AS 5.1
Technologies GateIn 3.1, RichFaces 3.3.3
Methodology N/A
Details Continuing with the same client, there was a discussion of deploying the JSF application in a portlet environment. For planning purposes, the project architects evaluated various vendor implementations of the JSR-286 portlet specification and JSR-301 Portlet Bridge, including entries from Oracle, Apache, and JBoss. In particular, I developed a proof-of-concept using the implementations listed above, to demonstrate the function and appearance of several components and facets similar to those needed by the actual application. However, the application was not deployed as a portlet.

Title/Description Add feature to legacy application
Company Type Secondary Mortgage Provider
My Role Developer, end-to-end but focused on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Dates June 2011 to December 2011
Environment Windows XP, Eclipse Indigo, Tomcat 4, Tortoise GIT
Technologies HTML 3, Java 1.4, Javascript
Methodology Waterfall
Details Adding a feature to an existing web application (not the Customer Portal), given a recent change in internal policy regarding handling of loans in danger of delinquency. The existing application was created in the late 1990s using the technologies available at the time. Thus I have had to learn back-ward compatibility, and surprisingly for 2011, to check for Y2K issues.

Title/Description Technology Planning solution
Company Type Consumer Product Manufacturer, Baby Division
My Role Scrum Leader and Developer, complete end-to-end
Dates January 2012 to August 2012
Environment Windows XP, Eclipse Helios, TOAD, Tomcat 6, Eclipse BIRT, Eclipse Mercurial
Technologies Wicket 1.5, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Java 6, jUnit, Hibernate, MySQL 5
Methodology Scrum
Details A resource planning system that aids in coordinating production line downtime, tool and personnel use, capital spending, and advertising, whenever a technological improvement is made to the product or the way it is made, in order to stay ahead of the competition on grocery store shelves. Our three-man team earned Outstanding Team of the Quarter at TCS, for Q1-FY2012. This initial version was live with the client for approximately one year.

Title/Description Technology Planning solution version 2
Company Type Consumer Product Manufacturer, Baby Division
My Role Business Analyst and Developer, complete end-to-end
Dates August 2012 to January 2013
Environment Windows Server 2008 (via remote login), VisualStudio 2010, SQL Studio
Technologies SharePoint, ASP.NET, C#, MS-SQL 2008
Methodology Waterfall
Details Due to personnel changes within this client, there was a desire for a change in perspective for the application, as well as integration with other systems, which happened to be SharePoint based. The new system copied about half the functions of the old, while adding about as much new functionality, as well as migrating the technology stack. Despite an initial lack of experience in the new technology stack, I was retained on the project to provide continuity in the functional aspects and guide new developers with such knowledge. I did learn enough ASP.NET, C#, and MS-SQL, to ultimately be able to contribute to development.

Title/Description Technology Planning solution, Reporting and Workflow module
Company Type Consumer Product Manufacturer, Baby Division
My Role Developer, SSRS and MS-SQL
Dates January 2013 to July 2013
Environment Windows Server 2008 (via remote login), VisualStudio 2010 with BIDS, SQL Studio
Technologies SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service)
Methodology Waterfall
Details With version 2 moving to production, the team began to leverage the SharePoint features which were the ultimate reasons for migrating the application, namely in the form of workflow and reporting. I worked on migrating the BIRT reports from version 1 into SSRS reports, while others worked on the SharePoint workflows.

Title/Description Cash movement tracking
Company Type National bank
My Role Developer, end-to-end but focused on JSF Pages and Managed Beans
Dates July 2013 to March 2015
Environment Windows 7, RAD 8 and later Eclipse Kepler, WebSphere 8.5, SQL Developer 3, Tortoise SVN
Technologies JSF- MyFaces 2.1 with PrimeFaces 3.5, Java 6, jUnit, Hibernate, Oracle 11g
Methodology Scrum
Details Replacing a legacy native application with a web-based (on secure intranet) one that tracks the movement and storage of physical cash (i.e. paper currency and metal coin) from one bank, via an armored courier, to another bank.

Title/Description Identity and Access Management
Company Type National bank
My Role Tester, very light development work
Dates June 2015 to March 2016
Environment Windows 7, Notepad++, DB Visualizer, Tortoise SVN
Technologies A common IAM suite, XML, Oracle SQL
Methodology Scrum
Details Configuring the IAM to allow it to co-ordinate with another personnel application. My role was as a tester with light development work, mostly in the form of XML configuration. (Note: Having the names of the applications here has resulted in crushing loads of recruiter spam. It had something to do with a windy boat's direction, coordinating with an antidote for the third letter of the alphabet 9000 times)

Title/Description Account Origination
Company Type Large bank
My Role Front-end Developer, Module Lead
Dates July 2016 to August 2017
Environment Windows 7, Sublime Text, JIRA, GIT with Stash
Technologies Proprietary framework built on HTML5, Less, RactiveJS, RequireJS
Methodology Modified Scrum
Details Created page where users indicated acceptance of legal agreements and disclaimers related the investment account being opened. Integrated that page with web services. This project placed a high focus on ADA and WCAG compliance, so I have had the opportunity to learn and apply those to this page.

Independent Volunteer activity

Title/Description The Virtual Vessel Examiner
Organization U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
My Role Sole Developer
Dates September 2009 to February 2010
Environment Windows Vista, Flash Develop 3.3
Technologies Flex 3
Details An application designed as an educational and entertaining enhancement to the Auxiliary's programs to promote safe boating. The application simulates the Vessel Safety Checks provided by Auxiliary members to the boating public, where the member goes over a boat with the owner to ensure it is properly equipped to meet all state and federal safety and environmental regulations. With either the real face-to-face checks or this virtual version, a boat owner may learn of problems and correct them prior to setting out on a voyage, thereby avoiding the potential for getting ticketed by maritime police, or potentially hazardous situations at sea. Having an engaging graphic interface and ample visual illustrations, the Virtual Vessel Examiner allows users to learn what deficiencies, if any, their vessels may have, or to give pretend answers to test their knowledge of boating laws. This work was undertaken on a strictly volunteer basis, and comprises approximately 2 kloc. The first version was completed in February, 2010 and released under Creative Commons. At the end of March, the application was reviewed by the Auxiliary's National V-Department, and adopted for use at the V-Department website. It remained until about 2019, when the deprecation of the Flash browser plug-in necessitated its removal.

Title/Description eSPAR (electronic Sea Scout Personal Advancement Record)
Organization Sea Scout Ship 717
My Role Sole Developer
Dates October 2011 to January 2012
Environment Windows Vista, Eclipse Indigo, Tomcat 6
Technologies RichFaces 4.1, Java 6, myBatis 3.0.6, MySQL 5
Details This is a simple CRUD application to assist Sea Scouts to track progress on achievement of standards toward rank advancement.

Title/Description Sailboat Whachamacallit Flowchart
Organization N/A
My Role Sole Developer
Dates January 2017 to May 2017, with updates ongoing
Environment Windows 10, Eclipse Mars, Notepad++
Technologies HTML5, CSS3, jQuery 1.12, JSON, SVG 1.1
Details A small app intended for entertainment purposes, that guides a user to determine what to call a Sailboat, or an item on a Sailboat, based on answers to a series of questions. The entire app uses a single HTML template, which is filled in using one of a collection of JSON config files. This is also my first experience designing responsive CSS for viewing in mobile devices. The trial version can be previewed at cobaltduck.info/sailmacallit, and this project's code repo is available at Bitbucket.